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Switchable Shield



2017 |  CO-DESIGN with KAI PING LIU 


Switchable Shield is an innovative bicycle accessory. It's integrate several basic functions of bicycle back wheel in an brilliant design which combines bicycle mudguard, rear light, turn signal, kickstand and lock. Compare to Switchable Shield, normal bicycle accessories are littery and complicated. 

In this design, we provide an easy and elegant way in installing and using. There are two main status when people use it. Pull up Switchable Shield to 10 o'clock direction, the rear light and turn signal turns on with the mudguard functions. Push down Switchable Shield to 6 o'clock direction, it turns into kickstand with lock function which connect to user's smartphone anti-theft application.

All works © Huangyu Chen -2020
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Huangyu Chen. 

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