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Regulation Of Product Info And Printing Manual 

As we all know, we have over 15 sales companies around the world and speak for more than 50 regions. 
At the same time, the amount of our product is a huge number. 
It's important that our goods can fit in worldwide regulation while itself be presenting well on different size packaging and the policy/guideline should cover most of our product categories to have better integrity.

For sales companies, we need your assistant to review your own regulation and fill out the regulation survey, and then GBD team will work on ​product group review​, packaging review and packaging modify. 
The following steps are our plan to work it out.


Regulation Survey

by GSCs

From the request of Giant Europe market, there is regulation for certain products that need to have printed owner manual attached with packaging. The info of the seller is also required. We want to take this opportunity to make sure the modified packaging can meet all region's latest requirements. 

To understand each region's regulation/requirement clearly, we prepared another survey based on the result we had from 2021, but it has been broken down to more detail. 

Please have a look before the iMeeting and let us know if you have any questions, or if it's even better we have your question by email and it will be answered on the iMeeting. 



Click here to view the Survey >

From the Survey, we want understand.....

  • What does the regulation refer from?

When there comes to a product with a small packaging and compact layout space, we have no choice but to keep all region's regulation-required info will become our priority. This information would help us filter them out. For sure when there is enough space to have all info included, we will keep them as well. 

  • Is the request Required by the regulation or a Good To Have suggested by GSC?

​For those checkboxes you selected "Required by local regulation ", please provide the referring document. It can be a copied paragraph or a link. We collect this info so next time when we have a concern about a certain element, we can have some research before reaching out to you, also we can keep it a track every few years. 

  • Is the required info need to be printed on the outer surface of the packaging or as long as it comes with the product is acceptable?


  • Does Cadex need to follow the same requirement?


​Product Group Review​

by GBD 

  1. List out the top 20 revenue product group

  2. Review the product group if it meets the criteria below:

  • Does it need to be installed on a bicycle?

  • Is it human safety-related products?

  • Is it electronics?


​Product Group Packaging And Content Review​

by GBD for product group meet the criteria

  1. What size the packaging is? How much space is still free on existing packaging?

  2. How the manual will be present? 

  3. The manual should be printed on the packaging or be attached?


Content Create And Packaging Modify 

by GBD Based on regulation survey and step 2/3 review result

1. Manual content will be created by GBD product managers and global marketing

2. The modified packaging will be reviewed by the gear product manager, product group key sales company product manager, and global marketing. 

Read more about the Packaging And Content Review>

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