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To provide better packaging for our customers,
we started the packaging review process a few weeks ago.
The packaging review includes newly developed packaging and existing packaging.

How would it work?

For new develop products packaging,

we will have the draft design and share it with key market sales company product manager and global marketing to make sure our design meets the retailer's expectations.

We hope in near future the packaging can be released at the same time with new develop products projects. 

For existing products packaging,

ones we complete the new packaging application and have been checked by gear product manager, we will create a share link and deliver the file to the reviewer to confirm the packaging/content is correct. 

What would be review?

  • The way of packaging 

  • Brand name/logo

  • Product name/ Category name

  • Backside product name and feature

  • Country of origin

  • Printed/Attached Owner Manual

How much time for reviewing?

Due to the production schedule, 

the review period is different for newly developed products and existing ones, there will be 5 workdays for newly developed packaging reviews and 2 workdays for existing ones. 

Any Question?

Feel free to let us know your question on the iMeeeting QA section, or it's even better to mail us your question and it will be answered on the iMeeting.

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