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Life Guide





Although there are many designs for emergency flotation devices, but there are no products that are designed for the critical time inside the vessel before exiting escaping. 
Our design is not only a product, but also a system to help passengers escape from these dangerous situations. 

During a water disaster, like a capsizing boat, there is a very short window of time to escape. As water enters the boat, power is disrupted making it very difficult to find your way to the nearest emergency exit, often resulting in death. This product, called Life Guide, is a quarter-circle shaped device that can be attached to 3 others to form a full circle. It can be stored on the vessel wall as an alternate light source. In the event of an emergency, red LED lights will flash to warn passengers and facilitate finding the device. Passengers can use the Life Guide as a flashlight. A green laser will project an arrow onto the floor, pointing in the direction of the nearest exit. RFID signals connect each device to the nearest emergency exit. As passengers exit the vessel, they can pull a ring on the top that will inflate a flotation device.




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Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Huangyu Chen. 

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